2021 Lucid Air Dream Edition – All About the Main Competitor for Tesla Model S

Lucid Air Dream Edition

The Lucid Air first came on our radar in 2016, when Lucid appointed Peter Rawlinson, former VP of Engineering at Tesla, as CEO. They promptly announced plans for an all electric sedan that would rival the Model S. It was an exciting prospect; a true competitor for the Model S? Fast forward to 2020 and they’re set to begin production on the 2021 Lucid Air Dream Edition early next year. What have we learned about it?

The limited “Dream Edition” is available in Stellar White, Infinite Black or the exclusive Dream Edition Eureka Gold. The interior matches the name appropriately, you may have never seen a more beautiful presentation. Between the ambient lights and soft subtle texturing, you may feel like you’ve walked into a spa, rather than a vehicle.

Lucid Air Performance & App

The Lucid Air Dream Edition has a 113kW/h battery and a 517mi range. AWD dual motors achieve 1080hp and propel the Air to 60mph within 2.5 seconds. And it can reach the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds. Lucid Motors is not content to stop there, they have future plans to introduce a dual motor on the rear axle.

Your trip might start with the Lucid App. Within the app you can monitor charge status, as well as set up future excursions. Simply enter your destination in the schedule and the vehicle will automatically set up directions at the specified time, highlighting charge stations along the route.

Interior Functions & Storage

Inside the sedan you’ll find two separate areas with touch screens. One touchscreen flows along the speedometer section of a vehicle and another sits lower next to the cup holders. While the upper screen deals with road related functions, the lower features pre-route functions, as well as music and AC. Lucid makes a point of balancing digital and tactile functions, so that you can choose what you’re comfortable with.

The Lucid Air has an admirable amount of storage, starting with the largest front cargo space of any sedan. Both front and back feature double decking, and it’s possible to fit a more than 6′ tall surfboard without affecting the front seat. Even the touch screen located center front folds back revealing storage.

How Much Does this Luxury Sedan Cost?

So what’s the cost of this “Dream”? The limited Lucid Air Dream Edition is priced at $169,000. If that’s more than you’re willing to spend, you may consider the base Lucid Air at around $80,000. Either one promises to be an enjoyable experience.

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