McLaren BP23 – The New McLaren GT Hybrid “Speedtail”

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McLaren BP23 GT Hybrid

McLaren was a front runner in hybrid supercar technology in 2013, with the release of the McLaren P1, so what does this latest creation, the McLaren BP23, have to offer? Let’s start with more than 986BHP. The BP23 (Bespoke Project 2, 3-seater) will be the fastest McLaren in production, with a remarkable top speed of 243mph. Evidently though, that’s not the design focus. McLaren Automotive boss Mike Flewitt says; “It’ll be super comfortable, super to drive. It has an amazing top speed, but that’s a result of the engineering that’s gone into the car, not a target of the car”.

McLaren has meticulously engineered this new GT to reflect their technological advances, since 2013, and also provide a truly drivable supercar. Mike Flewitt says the BP23 will have a “better driving proposition”. In other words, a well stocked car you would be happy to drive day after day, and even take on long trips. How much is this super drivable hypercar? Somewhere in the vicinity of $2 Million, and as you would guess by the price tag, only 106 of these will be built.

Why The McLaren BP23 GT is Called “Speedtail”

The 2015 McLaren 675 Longtail, is named after the McLaren F1 GTR that debuted in the 1997 race season. According to McLaren, ‘focus on outright performance, weight reduction, and ultimate levels of driver engagement define a ‘Longtail’.  McLaren chose a complementary description for the BP23.  The McLaren BP23 is classified as a hyper GT and is the fastest vehicle in their fleet, therefore it bears the moniker “Speedtail”.

News Expected in October of 2018

McLaren has teased an announcement in regard to the BP23, set for October of 2018. As of yet we haven’t heard from McLaren, but please check back at this post. McLaren is now hinting that the date of the announcement is October 26th. We will update as information becomes available. In the meantime, check out the video below advertising the new McLaren BP23 GT Hybrid “Speedtail”.


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