The Pros and Cons of Tesla’s Model S & Model X Windshields

Model S & Model X Windshields – Pros and Cons

The Model S and Model X Windshields have long been a hot topic. Tesla’s ambitious diversion from the standard automobile windshield has been both lauded and heavily criticized. Tesla highlights the extensive view, while some consumers are dissatisfied with their windshield. Common reports indicate there is a frequent glare that hinders one’s vision.

Many seek an opportunity to find out whether the Model S & Model X windshields would be a problem for them, without having to purchase the vehicle first. Though most consumers can walk into a mall and sit inside a Tesla, the florescent lights hardly give an accurate perception. Test drives are available, which may give an answer, but several test drives in various kinds of weather may be required. Perhaps a friend owns a Tesla? This is an ideal situation. You could ride around with them for quite some time before making a purchase.

Irregardless of your situation, the controversial Tesla windshield is a subject worth exploring. For anyone serious about buying a Tesla, it can make the difference between a no or a go. While it is impossible to gauge whether or not your eyes or glasses will clash with the design of the windshield, we have gathered a couple YouTube videos that help get a firmer grip on the issue. One video highlights the scenic views that can be enjoyed. The other showcases the annoying glare observed by many.

Tesla Windshield Views & Glare – YouTube Videos