Rimac C-Two Debuts on Top Gear After Geneva Cancelled

Rimac Nevera

The Premier of the Rimac C-Two

Travel back in time to mid-February, the Rimac C-Two launch is all set. Rimac, working tirelessly, announces that the C-Two will be unveiled at the year’s biggest event – the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. But as we’ve all come to understand over these past three weeks, someone hit pause on the world scene – someone named COVID-19. The world has a pressing matter and Rimac’s much anticipated launch will have to wait. Or will it?

Rimac vowed to find another way to introduce their prized follow up to the Concept One. It’s apparent that Top Gear was their top choice. So as we all practice ‘social distancing’, we can stay in touch with our car friends from Croatia and the BBC, by checking out this “World Exclusive” from Top Gear, introducing the C-Two!