Tesla News: Musk Meets Vice Premier of China – Possible Worker Strike – Model X Upgrades

Musk Meets the Vice Premier of China

Elon Musk meets Wang Yang the Vice Premier of China and apparently it was spontaneous. The two are photographed having a one on one conversation, which according to inside sources, is rare. Yang also typically meet with groups of people, rather than one person at a time. According to reports, this is also the first time he has met with an automotive CEO. Musk is not just an automotive CEO though, but much more. His dabbles in various aspects of efficient energy and travel make for an interesting conversation to say the least. It is safe to assume that Tesla’s presence in China will be greatly affected by this encounter.

Tesla Faces a Possible Worker’s Strike

The Fremont factory may come to mind when you think of possible worker’s strike at Tesla. However, the recently acquired Grohman Engineering in Germany is the one causing all the ruckus. Workers at the factory in Germany are citing wages 30% below union rates and fears over job security as their reason for a potentional strike. Evidently Tesla walked into a volatile situation they are working diligently to correct. Model 3 production is in full force and a strike could create extensive delays. Job guarantees, raises and stock options have calmed the storm but will it be enough? That remains to be seen.

Tesla Model X Upgrades Come Down in Price

The Model X can now be upgraded from 60D to 75D for $4,500. This is a significant drop from the previous cost of $6,500.

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