Tesla News: P90D Ludicrous Eliminated & Model 3 Supply Deal Confirmed

Tesla Eliminates P90D Ludicrous

Consumers are no longer able to choose P90D Ludicrous mode on their Model S or Model X. Now that P100D Ludicrous is available, Tesla does not feel the need to offer lesser, or median, options. Does this decision leave consumers feeling like they have to make a definitive choice of all or nothing? Perhaps, but Tesla is betting that if a consumer wants to go for the gold, they won’t be content with silver.

Tesla Unofficially Confirms Model 3 Supply Deal

Tesla has inadvertently confirmed a major Tesla Model 3 supply deal with a South Korean company. According to the Korea Herald, Tesla issued a $1 Million penalty to a Seoul based supplier for breach of a non-disclosure agreement. This action confirms that an agreement was signed, though Tesla made previous efforts to keep it private. According to the Herald, Tesla issued several verbal warnings that were ignored.

While a South Korean supplier would be eager to get their name out there by leaking information, Tesla takes this breach seriously. They expect full compliance until an official announcement is made.

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