Tesla News: Model 3 Reveal in Spring & Board OKs Solar City Plan

Model 3 Reveal Set For Spring

The “3rd Stage” Model 3 Reveal is set for spring. Elon Musk made the declaration at the tail end of a shareholders meeting regarding Solar City plans. With spring only a few short months away, Tesla fans are brimming with excitement. This 3rd stage reveal should be the final piece of the pie, with Model 3 deliveries due to begin the same year. Why is Tesla interested in merging with Solar City? What was the board’s official decision?

Solar City Merger

Shareholders of Tesla met to discuss the proposed merger of Solar City and Tesla. The result was a vote 85% in favor of the merger and subsequent plans. Out of respect for all shareholders Elon Musk, who owns 20% share of Tesla, did not cast a vote. He felt that refraining from voting would show respect for the other shareholders.

Solar City plans to lead in the solar roofing market. Musk recently displayed Solar City’s new solar roof tiles on a set at Universal Studios Hollywood. The tiles are made of glass and look like typical roof tiles. What is more, they will potentially cost less than traditional tiles. Elon Musk is quoted as saying; “Honestly, in looking at this, it’s like I don’t know why anyone’s not doing it — it’s not that crazy hard, so beats me”.

Why Tesla Wants to Merge With Solar City

Why would Tesla be concerned with solar roofs? Some have suggested that Musk is using his connection with Tesla to bail out a company he owns stock in. However, Musk assures his supporters, “We’re trying to make an integrated product, an integrated solar roof with a power wall and a car. You just go into a Tesla store and say yes, and it all works and it’s seamless, and you love it.”