Tesla News: Model 3 Unit 1 Rolls Out & More Gigafactories in the US

Model 3 Unit 1 Debuts

The first Model 3 passed all inspections and is ready for the road. Who is this Model 3 unit 1 headed to? None other than Elon Musk. The rest of the first batch will be delivered July 28th, 2017. Tesla will host a launch party for the first 100 Model 3 owners. Another 1,500 are expected in September and Musk expects 20,000 deliveries a month by December.

More Gigafactories Needed

At the 2017 National Governors Association Summer Meeting Elon Musk conveyed the need for 2-3 more Gigafactories in the US and a “couple more” oversees.

With production plans for the mainstream Model 3, as well as a new model, a Tesla Semi and the resurrection of the Roadster, production sites must greatly expand to keep up with the demand. For future development sites, Tesla plans to combine car assembly and battery production for optimal production speed.