Tesla News: Model S Update – Apparel – Consumer Reports Again

Tesla Model S Update

Elon Musk informed the world via tweet that the Model S will be receiving another update soon:

New Tesla Apparel

Tesla had been making purses out of Model S interior scraps for years, but now you can buy Tesla t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, hats, work out clothes, iPad cases, coffee mugs and even a Tesla onesie for the little one. You can check out Tesla’s clothing and accessories here!

Consumer Reports Downs the Model X Again

Consumer Reports has reviewed the Model X several times and it seems to just get worse. A report from the company, released November 23, 2016, dubs the Model X “Fast and Flawed” in its review title.

Check out this excerpt from Consumer Reports:

“The rear doors are prone to pausing and stopping. The second-row seats can’t be folded, limiting cargo-carrying ability. The big windshield is neat but not tinted enough to offset the brightness of a sunny day, and wind noise is excessive. ”

You can read the entire Consumer Reports review of the Model X here.



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