Tesla News: V4 Superchargers, Repair Lawsuit & Model 3 Mixup

Tesla Charging Station

New Tesla V4 Superchargers

The next generation Tesla V4 Superchargers are coming! Tesla is nearing completion of its new V4 supercharging station in the Netherlands, which will increase EV charging power from 250kW to 350kW. Currently, the new chargers are expected to save about 25% of charging time. However, Tesla expects the full potential to be a 50% reduction. These chargers are also reported to have charging capabilities for non-Tesla EV owners.

“Right to Repair” Anti-Trust Class Action Lawsuit

California residents banded together to take part in a class action lawsuit against Tesla. Hundreds of thousands of Tesla owners are eligible in the suit, which calls out Tesla’s tight grip on what it considers to be appropriate repair facilities. Customers allege Tesla’s stance has made it difficult for them to get needed repairs. This has resulted in delayed repairs and frustrations over where they’re allowed to seek help.

The lawsuit demands that Tesla’s monopoly be “dismantled” and that the repair manuals and diagnostic tools be made available to individuals and repair shops at a reasonable cost.

Two Tesla Owners Accidentally Swap Cars

Even into the 1980’s it wasn’t entirely uncommon for yourself or someone you knew to relate a story about accidentally getting into the wrong car. But this is the 2020’s, and Teslas contain some of the most advanced technology. Even so, NBC reports that recently two Canadian motorists accidentally drove off in each other’s white Model 3. Both motorists were able to use the Tesla App to unlock the car and drive away.

Thankfully, one of them quickly realized the problem and began trying to contact the other. Both drivers were shaken by the experience, though they maintained a sense of humor. What neither found funny was the lack of contact from Tesla since reaching out to them about the experience.

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