Venturi and Formula E Have Big Plans

Venturi AmericaIf you’re an EV enthusiast, likely you’ve heard of Formula E. Formula E racing is taking the world by storm and pioneering electric vehicles the old fashioned way, by taking these cars to the limit on the track.

It used to be said that electric cars were the way of the future. Not so, they are ever present and growing more accessible by the day. One of the front runners of the electric car industry and founder of Formula E, is Venturi Automobiles. Though well established in France, Venturi has only recently begun to expand it’s markets. Another move the company made in the last few years, was to set up a design and research center in Columbus, Ohio USA.

In 2005 Venturi began production of the Fetish. The Fetish is a two seater electric sports car, and is listed at a starting price of around $400,000. The vehicle was produced at the Venturi Monaco site and designed by the Parisian designer Sacha Lakic. The Fetish has continued production through 2014. If you would like to view the stats and history of the Fetish, you can read more at Venturi’s site here.

The next innovative design by Venturi was the Venturi Volage. This vehicle was a collaboration between Venturi and Michelin. Vneturi refers to the design as “the ultimate electric GT” and credits aerodynamics for it’s predominately sleek shape. The wide Michelin tires and steadfast thrust give this model no equal! If you would like to view the stats and history of the Volage, you can read more at Venturi’s site here.

The latest model to be produced by Venturi is the Venturi America. Coined as the “first 100% electric crossover”, the America is as rugged as it is fast. It is considered to be a modern muscle car, ready for the great outdoors. Promo pictures feature sketches of the America with a bicycle, golf clubs or even a surfboard on top! True to Venturi’s signature style, this muscle car is a two seater. If you would like to view pictures and review stats for the Venturi America, you can view their brochure at Venturi’s site here.

Venturi, leading the team, marching through the present and securing their position in the EV world!

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