The Venturi Volage Debuts Michelin Active Wheel Technology!

Venturi Volage Roadster
Venturi Volage Roadster

Venturi, known for excellence in designing highly efficient race cars, has debuted several all electric racers in recent years. What does the Venturi Volage bring to the track?

Venturi refers to the Volage as ‘the ultimate electric GT’. It is the result of a collaboration between Venturi and Michelin and was created under the direction of well respected designer Sacha Lakic.

Many vehicles start with a basic concept design, with aerodynamics being an afterthought. Not so with the Venturi Volage! According to designer Sacha Lakic, “The science of aerodynamics is the main tool that has been used to dictate its shape”. What powerful advantages does the vehicle’s shape produce?

The all electric Venturi Volage is a light weight 2 seat roadster with an output of 300hp and 171 lb/ft of motor torque. How does Michelin figure into the efficiency of this roadster EV?

Michelin contributed Active Wheel technology which uses 8 electric motors to power and control the wheels with unprecedented accuracy. The active suspension gives the Volage an effective advantage among its competitors.

Venturi is an established leader among race car manufacturers and the Venturi Volage is certainly no exception!

View a Volage video from Venturi!