The Future of EVs – World’s Swift Plan to Go All Electric

The Future of EVs As Told By World Leaders

What do we know about the future of EVs? Only as much as we’ve been told, which is quite a lot. We recall the recent announcement by the British government to ban the sale of all gas vehicles by 2040. France quickly chimed in with their imminent plans to follow suit and now China has reiterated their desire to go all electric as soon as possible. So far Germany, Norway, Scotland, India and Dutch Parliament have all announced plans to comply with the common timeline. Intermediate plans are already being implemented; partial bans are to take place by 2030 with complete bans on gas powered cars by 2040.

Why Is Everyone on the Same Time Frame?

The bans have been established in accord with the much publicized Paris Climate Agreement. Steps taken by all countries involved are designed to reverse the effects of global warming at a crucial point in time. Not all countries are involved in the climate agreement, however many are working independently to reduce emissions. Though at one point the United States was heavily involved in the accord, it is unclear what role the US will be taking on in terms of curbing greenhouse gases.

Automotive manufacturers have had little choice but to offer all electric options. Tesla is growing at unprecedented speed, with an ever growing wait list for over 450,000 Model 3 EVs. Car manufacturers like Volvo, VW and Aston Martin have revealed ambitious plans to offer every car as an EV as soon as possible.

No One is Talking About Revenge Anymore

In 2011 the documentary “Revenge of the Electric Car” was released. Clearly at that point EVs had been given another chance and made strides. Tesla was already manufacturing the Model S and Nissan’s Leaf was popular among middle class commuters. Fast forward to 2017 and this is no longer about revenge. This is the norm, this is life. When will you buy your first EV?

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