Damien Walters Backflips Over a Formula E Racer


Can This Be Real?

Stuntman Damien Walters does a backflip over a Formula E racer as it is hurling full speed ahead. This stunt is so unbelievable, that many people are asking if its real. We’ve provided some background information on Damien Walters taken from Wikipedia as well as the origin of the video.

Damien Walters is widely considered the master of Freerunning, a sport descended from Parkour. He has worked as a stuntman on various Hollywood projects including Captain America: The First Avenger, Skyfall and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. His YouTube videos have gotten more than 115 million views. This stunt was posted to YouTube officially through the FIA Formula E verified account.

Why Feature This Stunt?

Stunts are performed every day all around the world. What put this one on our radar? The fact that it involves a high performance electric car. You’re looking at perhaps the most impressive stunt ever and what better way to showcase it than with the cutting edge technology of a Formula E racer. What also makes this stunt more impressive is the relative quietness of an electric car’s engine. He had to be even more focused than he would have been if jumping over a gas powered car.

We congratulate Damien on this ‘momentous achievement’, but more than anything we’re just really really glad that he’s ok…but not as glad as Alistair Whitton is, the Formula E car’s driver.