LAPD Takes Delivery of a BMW i3 and Tesla Model S!

LAPD’s New BMW i3 and Tesla Model S

The City of Los Angeles has taken its first significant step towards sustainable transportation. Earlier this week LAPD took delivery of two loaner vehicles from BMW and Tesla, the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S P85D. The vehicles were obtained for testing purposes to determine how these leading all electric vehicles handle in the field.

All this is part of a larger plan to lease 160 electric cars in the near future. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says: “We promised that 50% of new city fleet vehicles…would be EV by 2017. Now we’re fulfilling that promise ahead of schedule.” He went on to conclude: “Our goal is to one day go from gas-powered to battery electric in our squad cars. And if we do that, the impact could be national in scale. L.A. could once again lead the way to help transform not just our department, but other departments and cities around the country.”

The plan to lease 160 electric cars also includes an additional 128 plug in hybrid vehicles. The electric vehicles will be used by LAPD, LAFD, General Services and Water and Power and the hybrid vehicles will be used exclusively by Water and Power. The City of Los Angeles also currently owns 23 all electric scooters and 3 electric motorcycles.

The City of Los Angeles’ plans are not only eco-conscious, but also cost effective. They project that the implementation of electric vehicles will cut their personnel transportation costs by 41 percent. This is also obviously an exciting step for EV supporters. With one of the largest cities in America taking the lead, and strong potential for others to follow, the hope for an EV in every home is solidifying.

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