Rimac Concept S – Continuing to Re-Write the Future of EVs

The Rimac Concept S

The Rimac Concept S is the latest high performance offering from Rimac. Starting with the Concept One, Rimac set out to not only raise the bar, but rewrite the game. The Concept S continues that legacy, with increased performance and power.

The Concept S has a maximum power of 1384hp, 1800nm, a top speed of 226mph and can go 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds. The most impressive feature from Rimac is clearly the Torque Vectoring. Torque Vectoring aims to give the driver unprecedented control regardless of driving conditions and speed. This feature was first introduced in the Concept One. Now that the Concept S has been produced, Torque Vectoring is all the more important; each motor has gained 25 percent power, horsepower has increased and aerodynamic tweaks have enhanced downforce by 30 percent. Rimac has achieved this, in part, by successfully eliminating 100lbs.

The interior of the Concept S is simple. Rimac’s goal is to create as little distraction as possible, therefore the infotainment system is clean and focused. There are two cameras, one for the road and one for the driver.

Rimac Automobile is more than just a car company. Innovation is their focus and the key to their success. High profile sport car companies are already using their products and these cars are beautiful examples of what they can provide. We look forward to more stunning creations from Rimac!

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