Tesla News: Elon Musk Offers to Fix Australia’s Energy Problem and Model 3’s Delivered in 5 Minutes

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Elon Musk Offers to Fix Australia’s Energy Problem

Elon Musk offers to fix Australia’s energy problem and gets a call from Australian PM, as well as an unsolicited call from Ukraine. Both countries have had an ongoing energy crisis, with Ukraine relying on surrounding countries for natural gas (including Russia, with which they have tense relationship).

Fixing the energy crisis would be a win win for both Tesla and Australia. A project of this magnitude would create much needed revenue for Tesla, lower their battery production costs and relieve Australia of an intense problem. There has been no word yet of whether Tesla will be working for Australia or Ukraine, but negotiations are underway. The project to fix Australia’s energy problem is commonly estimated to cost around $170 Million USD.

Musk Wants Tesla Model 3’s to Be Delivered in 5 Minutes

Elon Musk is filled with ambitious ideas. More than not he succeeds, but is it really possible to deliver a Tesla Model 3 in 5 minutes? Maybe not, but his proposal is a breath of fresh air for those of us who dread spending hours on a car lot. How does he plan to do it? Here’s a few ideas: Musk says, ”Less paperwork, less bureaucracy and get people really ahead of time with really well-produced instruction videos for how to use their car”. We sincerely hope his plan works.