Tesla News: Solar City – Low Dealer Satisfaction – Autopilot Video


Tesla and SolarCity Merge

Tesla has reached a deal to buy SolarCity for 2.6 billion dollars. The offer was extended in June and the purchase was confirmed on August 1, 2016.

“It’s really all part of solving the sustainable energy problem,” said Musk “That’s why we are all doing this, to accelerate the advent of a sustainable energy world.”

SolarCity is the largest solar supplier in the U.S. residential market. They dispense one third off all solar panels.

Customers Do Not Prefer Tesla’s Buying Experience

Automotive mystery shoppers Pied Piper recently published their findings. Tesla was ranked as one of the least preferred car buying experiences. This is a surprise for some, considering Tesla has gone out of their way to change the way we buy vehicles. Perhaps this will encourage Tesla to rethink their policies.

Autopilot Brakes to Prevent a Collision

See Autopilot in action! This video shows Autopilot braking to prevent an accident, with commentary by a Tesla Autopilot defender.