Top 10 2021 Electric Trucks – The Moment America Has Been Waiting For


When Elon Musk announced the release of the original Tesla Roadster, it was an exciting moment for EV enthusiasts. However, when the Model S began production, suddenly this electric car ‘dream’ seemed plausible. The Model S was gaining popularity among elites, leaving many to ask: ‘Did we do it? Did we manage to popularize the electric car?’ But an even bigger question followed. Will Americans, as a whole, ever ditch their gas guzzling SUVs and trucks and go electric? After all, the number one selling vehicles in America are not sedans, but trucks and SUVs.

It’s clear to automotive manufacturers like Tesla and Ford, that to bring about true change in the automotive industry, they need to give the consumer what they want – bigger, stronger electric vehicles. And that’s precisely why the 2021/2022 production year is shaping up to be the ‘Moment America has been waiting for’. Electric trucks and SUVs are poised to take over. The informative video below showcases the Top 10 most anticipated new electric trucks. Which truck will you choose?

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Ford F150
Tesla Cybertruck
Rivian R1T

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