Why is the Nissan LEAF the most popular electric car ever?

Nissan LEAF Charging Stations
Map of LEAF compatible charging stations

Nissan has broken sales records in the month of May by selling 3,000 new Nissan Leafs! It’s no surprise that the Leaf is doing so well. We’ve heard many Leaf owners rave about their new zero emissions vehicle. Just how popular is the new Leaf? Why is it so popular? The answers to these questions may very well affect your future car buying decisions!

The Nissan Leaf was first manufactured for the public in 2010 and within a short few years it has become the all-time #1 selling electric car in the world. Nissan has currently sold more than 50,000 Nissan Leafs in the United States and 110,000 world-wide.

Leaf owners rave enthusiastically about their purchase and Kelly Blue Book (KBB.com) has determined that the 100% Electric Leaf offers the “best value, range and refinement for eco-conscious consumers looking for the greenest car available”. In short, the Nissan Leaf is the best option in it’s class.

This in no way discounts the fact that we’re very impressed with what Tesla has done and continues to do. Who wouldn’t want a Model S, right? For the average consumer, however, the Nissan Leaf has proven to be the ideal buy and it appears that Nissan is very serious about providing a quality option that is available to the general populous.

The Nissan Leaf comes in an affordable $21,000 – $30,000 range. Calculations by Leaf owners often bring that figure down once added rebates, low-maintenance and electricity versus fuel costs are factored in.

A major concern for motorists involves the use of charging stations. The Leaf’s driving range tops out at a little less than 100 miles. This leads the average consumer to question whether the Leaf is compatible with a long range trip. To help with this, Nissan offers an add on feature called CARWINGS. CARWINGS allows the Leaf owner to view their vehicle on a map in relation to their current stats and nearby charging stations. The consumer can choose a charging station based on the information given.

How many charging stations are available? There are seemingly endless options. Nissan does have designated charging stations through out the world and especially in the US. There are also 2nd party charging stations which Nissan will point you to. Many charging stations are also located at shopping malls, outlet malls, drugstores and any Nissan dealership.

What’s more, according to online forums, Tesla charging stations are systematically being upgraded to allow for Leafs to be charged.*

Many have viewed electric cars as something they would like to explore in the near future, when technology and charging stations can keep up with the demands of everyday life. For 50,000 Leaf owners in the US, the future is here today and they’re in love!

*Here is some insight into what’s going on according to this forum:


The Tesla charging stations (EVSE’s) along the west coast I-5 corridor (and Ellensburg on I-90, and Barstow on I-15, for example) still have the proprietary Tesla connector — including Centralia, WA — and are *not* compatible with LEAF. The ones that have been converted to J-plug (and are LEAF compatible) are along 101 and I-80 in California.

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