Who Is Faraday Future? When Will They Make Electric Cars?

Who Is Faraday Future?

We’re hearing every update about Tesla on a daily basis. Every so often though, the name Faraday Future comes up. For example, when reading about Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, we may hear that Faraday Future also has plans for a massive billion dollar factory in Nevada. This raises the questions; Who are Faraday Future? Are the making electric cars?

Faraday Future was established in 2014. It is a US-based, Chinese-backed, global company focused on the development of intelligent electric cars and mobility solutions. They are currently based in Gardena, California, with plans for a large factory in Vallejo and the state of Nevada.

Faraday Future expects to launch its first fully electric vehicle in 2017, with the intent of producing a larger range of vehicles over time.



We are a user-centric, advanced mobility company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and Southern California. Our global team leverages the talents of leading thinkers and passionate creators from the technology and automotive industries to bring premium, intuitive, and seamlessly connected electric vehicles to people worldwide.

Our growing team includes more than 700 standout employees from diverse backgrounds that span the technology, automotive, energy, and aerospace industries. Our 700+ employee team is led by a select group of accomplished industry experts. Coming from past leadership positions at Tesla, BMW, Lotus, Jaguar, and Ford, they are uniting their resources and expertise to build a truly innovative company and product.

Faraday Future’s Philosophy

Our cars aren’t designed for roads, they’re designed for people—no matter what the road may be. Every detail is rigorously tested for comfort, durability, and intuitive human-vehicle interaction.

Faraday Future’s Platform Plan

To support the wide range of vehicles we aim to manufacture, we engineered a universal modular structure – known as our Variable Platform Architecture.

Adding or removing strings can make for fundamentally reconfigured wheelbases – allowing us to construct sedans, SUVs, and even high-performance race vehicles around this singular, adaptable platform.

Faraday Future’s Concept Car

The FFZero1 is the first concept car from Faraday Future. Read all about it here.

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