The Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars of 2016 – Comparison By Datacube

The Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars

Electric Supercars are dominating the world scene. Porsche, Ferrari, Tesla and more are striving to be the best. It can be difficult to differentiate between an ambitious company’s hype and the true stars of today’s EV supercar industry. That’s why we like this report compiled by Datacube.  Datacube has filtered through the mounting media hype to create a balanced list of the top 10 fastest electric cars of 2016. This list includes a couple concept cars, production cars and specialty cars. We feel that it aptly illustrates the strides that electric cars have made in 2016 and highlights a few exceptional outliers.

Here is an overview, with the video by Datacube below (the list does not include Formula 1 racers).

  1. Toroidion of Finland
  2. Zombie 222 Electric Mustang
  3. Quant F Car
  4. Tesla Model S P100D
  5. Rimac Concept One
  6. Renovo Coupe – Electric Shelby
  7. Porsche Mission E
  8. Mercedes E-Cell Roadster
  9. Detroit Electric – Lotus Elise
  10. Audi R8 E-Tron